Have You Been Injured In A Car Accident?

Persons injured in a car accident deserve compensation. Mark J. Miciotto personally reviews the specific facts of severe injury claims to determine if a person has enough evidence to begin a case. He lets clients know clearly whether they have a case and what their best next step would be.

Call Mr. Miciotto at 318-402-0138 if you are injured due to a truck or car accident, received a head injury, back injury, or broken bones. Personal injury cases also involve any of the following:

  • Wrongful death
  • Pedestrian accidents
  • Hit-and-run
  • Negligence
  • Property damage
  • Dog bites
  • Slip-and-fall accidents

Shreveport Personal Injury Attorney Provides Clear Direction For Your Case

Details can be overwhelming, especially when you do not feel well due to an injury. If you have been injured, go to your doctor or the emergency room right away. This is a key element in your recovery and may prevent long-lasting effects. A medical appointment will also provide documentation you may need if you are going to file a legal claim for compensation.

Many people are able to record their surroundings after an accident. This documentation then becomes valuable in court to support a claim. It is advisable to get whatever contact information you are able from people who were at the scene with you. Witnesses may support your case if you are going to file a claim.

Be aware that insurance companies are quick to serve up a settlement that may not address the full scope of your injuries. Your time, medical bills, trouble after the incident may be subject to compensation by this single incident.

Contact Mark J. Miciotto for a free consultation to determine if your injury or property damage are serious enough to warrant a suit. Call his Shreveport office at 318-402-0138.

Were You Injured On The Job And Denied Your Worker’s Compensation Claim?

If you have been denied a workers’ compensation claim you may need an experienced lawyer to go the distance with you. Mark J. Miciotto is attentive to the details of your circumstances. He can make the direct inquiries necessary to build a strong case for you. Call Mark J. Miciotto, L.L.C., at 318-402-0138 or contact him online for a free consultation.