Photo of Mark J. Miciotto

Mark J. Miciotto personally meets with each of his clients and listens carefully to their circumstances. He hears what is said and observes what is left unsaid as only a native of Shreveport is particularly sensitive to. In this manner Mark is able to construct sensible counsel most useful to his client’s needs whether facing divorce, needing criminal defense, personal injury, family law representation or wanting to create a successful legacy through a will.

Mr. Miciotto is a careful and empathetic listener. He is a reliable attorney who explains matters to clients clearly so they understand the legal consequences of their situation.

Dependable Legal Services For Uncertain Times

When legal cases overlap with a hazy future on the horizon, Mr. Miciotto is a lawyer who applies his rich understanding of the law, targeting each gray area to the benefit of his client’s overall well-being now and in the future.

Mr. Miciotto cautions his clients that there is no guarantee of a definite outcome. Yet his goal remains to provide effective legal assistance and motivate his clients to clearly understand their legal issue and the foreseeable results.

Find out how to prepare a more positive outcome for your circumstances by calling Mark J. Miciotto, L.L.C. at 318-402-0138, or contact the firm online.