Shreveport Family Law Attorney

Family law issues range from those that are emotionally wrenching, like divorce, property division, child custody, visitation and support, to those that are joyful, like adoption. Mark J. Maciotto, a Shreveport family law attorney, is known for treating all clients with compassion as he helps them through their sometimes difficult family law issues.

Divorce and Property Distribution

Louisiana is a community property state which means that all assets and liabilities accumulated during the marriage are split evenly down the middle during a divorce. Property owned separately remains separate. Inheritances and personal injury awards belong to the person to whom they were given. Attorney Miciotto will know whether any exceptions to the law apply.

Child Custody and Visitation

Louisiana encourages parents to agree on a custody and visitation plan. If they are unable to agree, the court will consider many factors and then make the decisions based on what it believes is in the best interest of the child or children.

Child Support

Louisiana expects both parents to contribute financial, emotional and medical support to their children. The amount parents are expected to contribute depends on their income, number of children and other important factors. The law has published guidelines to follow, but individual circumstances may allow the court to deviate from the guidelines.


Adopting a child is not easy. For example, all potential parents, whether they want to adopt an infant or older child, or one who is from Louisiana, another state or foreign country, must pass a home study. Attorney Miciotto has a track record of success in helping his clients become proud parents.

Shreveport Attorney Mark J. Miciotto Provides Family Law Services Throughout All of Louisiana

Mark J. Miciotto is just the hard working attorney you want representing you on your important family law issues. He offers guaranteed communication throughout the entire process. Contact him at (318) 221-7806. His office is in Shreveport, but he serves clients throughout the entire state of Louisiana.